Birmingham Moseley

A brief history

1873-4 The club was founded in October, as Havelock Football Club, an offshoot of Havelock Cricket Club some of whose younger members wanted to play a winter sport. There only being one association club in the area at that time they decided to adopt the rugby version of the game. The first season’s membership amounted to twenty just enough to form a team, rugby then being a 20-a-side game. Home matches were played at St. Paul’s Road, Balsall Heath more. The club’s first captain was Birmingham jeweller S.H. Deakin who led the side for the first four seasons more and the first president of the club was local businessman and philantropist Amos Roe who remained in office until the end of 1886-87 more. Like most sports clubs at the time Havelock Football Club received little coverage in the local press more.  Results 1873-74.
Juniors Friendly, National One
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