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1.0       Mini & Junior Chairman’s Statement

I would like to start by thanking James Hourihan for the three seasons he spent as Chair of the Minis & Juniors. As his Vice-Chair during that time I saw first-hand the efforts he put into growing the section. Having taken over as Interim Chair of the M&Js with Dave Hulme as my Vice-Chair this season, we have been able to start from the solid foundations that James and Mike Boyle before him have laid.

2016-17 has been a fantastic season for the M&Js as we continue to grow in size and integrate more within the club and we have gained many successes at each age group, as you will see from their reports below. The aim of the M&Js section over the next twelve months is to grow in size and integrate even more within the club, as we look to build to the future.

We have had four fantastic family days down at Heywood Road supporting the 1st XV. These days encouraged families, new to rugby (but members because their kids play), to come down and support the 1st XV and see what the club is all about.

The Christmas family day was fantastic as the 1st XV presented all of the kids who attended with a selection box right after the game whilst they enjoyed a pizza feast. This integration of the M&Js into the club is crucial, as they are the future players, fans and club members. We have seen more and more kids down at Heywood Road supporting the 1st XV as the season has progressed. I believe that this is in part down to them being encouraged to do so by their age group coaches, but also because members of the 1st XV squad have given up their time to visit our training sessions to help pass on their experience and knowledge of rugby to the M&J players.

However, it has not been a year without its challenges, as we have lost our U8s age group due to dwindling numbers. That said we should applaud all the coaches who have been actively recruiting new players by running coaching sessions in local schools. We are already starting to see the benefits of this work.

Dave and I continue to work hard with the Club on a daily basis. Our main aim this coming season is to continue to grow the M&Js and to foster environment where age groups take a holistic view on what is happening and buy into the ‘Sale FC one club’ philosophy. We feel that the plans we have laid out in this report for the upcoming year will take the M&Js section to the next stage in its development.

Yours in rugby


Dr Scott Bambrick

Interim Chairman of Sale FC Mini & Juniors

  • 2016-17 Age Group Review


Interim Chair: Scott Bambrick  

Vice-Chair: Dave Hulme            

Fixtures Sec: Elaine O’Flaherty 

Safeguarding Officer: Mike Boyle

Match Reports/IT: James Hourihan


The following section includes reports from the Head Coach/Team Manager for each age group in relation to their 2016-17 season.


  • U6s

Head Coach: James Fletcher

Deputy Head Coach: Antony Sheldon

Coach: Andrew Horner


The U6’s have had an excellent and fun season starting to learn the basics of rugby.  The squad has gone from strength to strength and we now have over 16 boys and girls signed up with most attending regularly.  Each week we’ve been doing a mixture of basic skills training, learning some of the rules of Tag Rugby and fun games that involve putting one or more of those skills into practice.  Whilst we don’t play competitive fixtures against other clubs the U6’s have really enjoyed visiting local clubs for joint training sessions where we’ve been made to feel very welcome and the young players have learnt about the respect and sportsmanship involved in the bigger rugby family.

I have been impressed with every single one of the young players in the squad, the kids have shown the resolve that will be expected of the future stars of Sale FC with even the youngest and smallest of players turning up to training in the harshest of weather throughout the winter.  Many of the squad members are only reception age and keeping their attention can be a challenge at times, but even the shouts of “Is it hotdog time yet?” can’t dampen our enthusiasm on a Sunday morning!

A big thank you to the U14’s for sending players over to help out with coaching and to the parents that have helped me on the pitch by holding kit or acting as goal posts.  Finally I’d like to say thank you to every single one of the parents and the kids themselves for coming along every Sunday morning through the season and just having fun!

  • U7s


Head Coach: Jonathan Smith

After a turbulent start to the season, a change of head coach and the loss of most of the under 8 players the under 7s have gone from strength to strength. We have a core group of 10, very enthusiastic, boys who can be very lively. Our aims have been to improve our core rugby skills develop the concept of teamwork and responsibility to the team whilst having lots of fun! The weather as always has occasionally worked against us but the players deserve a lot of credit for braving the cold as a lot of them don’t have much meat on their bones yet.

Initially the basics of rugby were confusing, the idea of passing backwards to progress forwards took some time to understand but now the core skills of passing and catching are now second nature to the players who are now developing an understanding of attacking patterns and learning to defend multiple phases as a unit.

We have held our own against all our opposition, score is not important for this age group but the players have a real desire to win which is great to see. There has been a marked improvement in our game, we played a well organised Sedgley Park team at Park Lane (a team who train twice weekly) this gave us a level to work towards and by the time the Broughton Park festival came around we were playing some good positive attacking rugby and the players really enjoyed the competition and certainly enjoyed receiving their first trophy, hopefully the first of many as they move up through the age groups

  • U9s

Coaches: Mark Roberts, Andy Raw,

We started the season with low numbers, a good base of running and handling skills, but it would be fair to say it was still a team getting to know each other.  We aren’t the biggest or the fastest team so we need to be able to play smart rugby. The introduction of the tackle has been a challenge, coaching it is one thing, getting the kids to believe they can do it is another. The season started with the Manchester Festival in which we produced some great running rugby and superb handling, but really didn’t get to grips with defending as a unit.  One of the first games of the season was against Wilmslow, who have around 40 kids in this age group.  It was a tough affair as they were a big powerful team that ran hard and tackled hard.  We were beaten comprehensively and it felt a little like lambs to the slaughter. We moved on to games against Sedgley Park and Manchester both big, powerful teams.  More players started to step up defensively but still we weren’t doing it as a team.  Ball in hand we looked impressive, but you can’t win a game without the ball.  The breakthroughs started to come playing Eccles, producing some free-flowing rugby and the defence starting to pull together.  This built upon against Helsby & Sandbach, Callum Lewis (the smallest player in our team) putting in bone crunching tackle after tackle, this really lifted the belief of the team.

The seminal moment of the season was our tour, turning us from a group to a team.  We took a small squad up to Westoe and Durham in March.  Off field was a massive success, with marshmallow challenges, fairground fun and the Newcastle v Saracens game to end it all, but on field even more successful.  It is difficult to quantify how important bonding is and the on-field result was truly spectacular.  The team ethos really came through, the players starting to communicate and instruct each other.  The parents seemed to have a good time too! This ethos was carried into the return Manchester fixture; outstanding team defence bagged two victories for Sale.  This form was taken into the Cheshire Festival, putting in impressive displays against some quality opposition, nothing typifies how far we have come more than the first half against Wilmslow where we went toe to toe and arguably were in the ascendency, having turned them over just before the half time whistle blew.

It’s been an impressive season from this team in terms of how they’ve developed not only their rugby skills; they’ve also developed as young people and as a team.  Next season holds much promise, we managed to recruit more players to the fold, more of our coaches will have the level 1 and we’ll have a bigger and better tour – bring it on!

  • U10s

Coach/ Team Manager Scott Bambrick

Coach Martin Blythe

Coach Pete Tomlinson

Coach Jonathan Stevens

Social/Parent helpers: Suzie Roberts, Joanne Bambrick, Caroline Tomlinson

The under 10s welcomed 7 new members this year. These lads have worked hard to get up to speed with the game and are turning into cracking young players that have added a lot to an already good squad. Early in the season at the Manchester festival we were awarded the Sportsmanship Trophy for the way that they conducted themselves throughout the competition, whilst at the same time winning three out of four games. This is key for our lads as they continue to learn the way in which rugby should be played.

At present, we have 23 players and are looking to increase this number during the summer as we actively recruit. Embedding new players into the team as it took its toll on a few results early in the season. The age group also toured this season to the North East in February, where we played Westoe (tight defeat) and Durham City (big win). This Tour galvanised the squad and since our return they are undefeated.

The lads have worked hard in training on Thursday nights which has laid the foundation for a successful season overall. This season the lads won the U10s Alex Hulme Foundation Shield against teams from Manchester, Widnes and TocH in April down at Heywood Road. We ended the season with a record of 14 wins 5 defeats and 1 draw. Given that every player got maximum games time no matter their abilities, we are very happy with this return on their efforts.

  • U11s

Coaches: Jeffo, Giz, Indi and Tim.

The U11’s have been rewarded for their commitment and focus off the pitch with great results and fantastic performances on it. The team, are undoubtedly, more suited to the longer game than tournament rugby, having only lost one of their regular Sunday morning fixtures all season. In the Cheshire Cup and Manchester Festival the team made slow starts and needed time to get into their stride, but when they do they play quick passing rugby they are capable of beating any team.

The team saved their best rugby for the tour, after spending Friday evening and Saturday in caves, on 3G swings and generally taking to the tree tops, they played in a Festival at Denbigh. The boys played brilliantly beating Sefton, Abergele and Waterloo, before facing Lurgan in the final game, whilst they lost by one try this match was an absorbing physical contest between two fantastic teams. Overall it was a superb day of rugby. Thanks must go to the parents who bring their boys down to training every Thursday night; we see the benefits every Sunday morning. Then to express our gratitude to Elaine and Eliz who have ensured that the U11’s have had fixtures every week, our two medics on the touchline, Debs and Lou, who always manage to get our boys back on the pitch, to Lou for all the great photos and then there is organising the tour. That’s why we have Kathy!


  • U12s

This season has been one of transition for the squad: the boys have moved from Primary to Senior school, regular club footballers have had to choose between the round ball and the oval ball on Sundays, and with playing sides increased to 12 the players have had to adapt to specialist role within an overall game structure.

Whilst we lost a few squad regulars at the start of the season, we have been very happy to welcome Dylan, Ali, Joe Mc and Jared to Sale.

Since the New Year we have seen a great improvement in the core skills, particularly passing, and whilst there is still plenty of work to do it has been very satisfying to see the lads start to show their potential on the pitch. This has culminated in some noticeable performances and wins at the Broughton Park festival and coming away with silverware as Vase winners at the Vale of Lune Festival. The lads were disappointed to miss out on Cheshire Finals day by losing the semi-final to AK by 4 tries to 2 (being held up over the line on four occasions a painful lesson in grounding the ball) but a sign of the progress we have made was the recent demolition of Widnes by 6 tries to 1, reversing a similar result from October.

We have been pleased to welcome Lowell Retalic into our coaching team this year. It is great when a parent sticks their hand up to help out, and with Lowell taking his RFU level one qualification in the off season, we can look forward to the ‘crazy American’ helping us more in the seasons to come. Thanks as well to Ralph Kesteven, Jason Lynn and Michael Boyle for their support and dedication throughout the season. With Thursday night training a regular fixture we are confident the squad will continue to develop.

We are looking forward to summer rugby and pre-season, and would love to welcome half a dozen more players to the squad. We are also quietly confident that a few players show the potential to be considered for county trials next season. Off the pitch we have had some fun along the way, with pizza nights, a mini tour to Morecombe including such crazy antics as prize bingo, Thumbmeister, the After 8 and Jalapeño Challenges. After all rugby wouldn’t be rugby without them!

  • U13s

They are occasionally the most annoying players the coaches have ever worked with and then they have moments of brilliance and the coaches’ stare at each other in wonder as they pull victory from the jaws of defeat. The U13’s are a team in the true tradition of Sale. They don’t care who scores as long as they are in blue and white and the boys are proud of their Sale badge.


Victory over tough teams through sheer hard work and esprit de corps.


Imploding in the Cheshire Cup. But…they learnt a lot, as we all do, from losing and they massively raised their game afterwards.

The coaches have spent all season forging a team that can take on the best in Cheshire and as they move from being boys to men, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Bring on next season!  Their team ethic is second to none, they fight for each other, they look after each other and the coaches are very proud of them.

Oh, and the parents are OK as well…. Oooraghhh!

  • U14s

Team Manager: Dave Hulme

Head Coaches: Mick Barnes & Andy Daniels

Assistant Coach – Simon Baker, Tim Birchall, Mark O’Brien

First Aider – Raymond Mailey

Social Secretaries – Helen Jones & Lianne Birchall


The U14s have continued on their upward curve of improvement and development culminating in an appearance at the Cheshire Finals day following a magnificent, come from behind, performance at Sandbach in the semi-final. The U14s also secured the annual Alex Hulme Cup for the first time with a 17-5 victory over Eccles. We currently have twenty three members in the squad but are actively looking to recruit for next season to ensure we both strengthen the group but to also allow us to rotate players to ensure we maximise their potential and manage their well-being.

The group has continued to bond well, not only with their peers but with members of other age groups at the club too. They were delighted to have been asked, on a number of occasions, to help out with the U6’s and U7s sessions, an experience they have thoroughly enjoyed. This has whetted their appetite to explore the opportunity of completing the rugby ready and scrum factory courses this summer.

Last summer, ten members of our group had the honour of being selected as the ball team for the U20 Rugby World Cup Final. They did a fantastic job and were a credit to the club. Building on this fantastic experience, various members of our squad have facilitated at all first XV and Sale Sharks Jets games played at Heywood Road this season. In addition they have stepped in, often at short notice, to cover a number of Sale Sharks games at the AJ Bell.

We are very proud of our group and the manner in which they represent the club, both on and off the pitch.

  • U15s

Coaching team – Paul Gibbon, Nic Stylianou, Mike Spedding, Martin Maxey

Cheshire County Honours – Noah Cripps, Frazer Shaw, William Megson, Marcus Dalley

Sale Sharks Academy Honours – Noah Cripps

Wales Regional Honours – Mynyndd Mawr – Tobey Barnfield-Lee

Squad of 21 Players

Playing record – Matches Played 11, Won 5, Lost 6

Where has the season gone…it only seems like yesterday that I announced the coaching team for the 2016-2017 season on Teamer! The team has continued to make positive steps throughout the season guided by the coaching team who have maintained the player centred approach and focussed on developing the lads’ core rugby skills in a fun and enjoyable environment at our Carrington training complex we share with Sale Sharks. We have a competitive squad with a BIG pack of forwards who have put in a number of outstanding performances this season, New Brighton, Sandbach, Sefton, AK and Ellesmere Port all standout. The players have matured and bonded as a team and learnt how to play for each other and support each other when games are not going their way. The character and determination the players displayed in the game against Lymm to score the final try of the game and season highlighted how the team’s attitude has evolved.

Talking to the regional academy coaches this year group is seen as being particularly strong with strong North West schools and a thriving club scene offering new levels of competition. Having played the top four clubs in the county, Lymm, Wilmslow, Altrincham Kersal and Sandbach, we know that if we want to compete next season and fulfil our potential, there will need to be a greater commitment from all players to midweek training.  The players have had some great learning opportunities this season; training with the England U20’s at Heywood Road; the Sharks regional development coaches at Carrington; which included twins Tom and Ben Curry who have progressed from playing on our first team pre-Christmas to Sale Sharks to touring with England in Argentina this summer! More recently the U15’s were invited to join the Colts training sessions on Tuesday evenings, the players who attended benefited hugely. There will be more great learning opportunities on offer for the players in the coming season and a number of social events to keep us all entertained…who knows we may even get a meal served up on time at Heywood Road.

  • Girls Team


Coaches: Jonathan Danby, Chris Abbott-Jones, Ian Hardern

Numbers were an issue again this season with around 12 on the books and anything between 6 and 10 turning up to each training session. When you take into account that these numbers stretch across four age groups you can understand the coaching conundrums we faced.

Having said that, the girls are a dream to coach and embraced the modifications to the coaching necessary to keep everyone happy, with the older, more experienced girls mentoring the younger less experienced ones. Cheshire trials took place at the end of September. Louisa Smith retained her position in the U18s and Georgia McCullen was selected for the U15s. Both Cheshire teams had winning records with the U15s unbeaten.

Fixtures were a bit thin on the ground during the first half of the season but later on the girls got a fair amount of game time. This usually takes the form of “pitch up and play” sessions where a number of clubs get together for a training session and matches. This is the only way that most clubs can get game time as very few have full teams at every age group.  Our season finished at the Littleborough Girls Festival. 530 girls playing rugby in the sunshine. A really fun and well organised event catering for all age groups even including a session for the pre U13s. The level of support for this event was really inspiring with over 40 volunteers helping out from all areas of the club with coaches from all age groups and senior players handling refereeing duties.

Our Under 13s partnered with Lichfield for some great matches against Littleborough, Long Eaton, West Park Leeds, Cila Dara and West Park St Helens. Our 2 U15s played with Sirens, Beating Leigh, Widnes and West Park Leeds and losing narrowly to Castleford and Old Brods. Georgia, as usual, had a spectacular day playing at flanker. The scrumhalves were very afraid! Imogen who only started this year and who had only 3 matches under her belt had a great day culminating in her setting up a try with a beautiful pass off the deck.

Lisa played with Sirens U18s losing narrowly to Eccles, drawing with another cluster team and then winning against Littleborough. This was the third time Sirens had played Littleborough have previously won and lost to them so it was great to come away with the series win.

Numbers are as follows: Pre under 13 x 4, U13 x 5, U15 x    2, U18 x 1.

  • M&Js Volunteers & Coaches

Within the Minis & Juniors, we have over 40 dedicated volunteers who either coach or help run things behind the scenes. This season we have seen Elaine O’Flaherty take over as Fixture Secretary and Tamsin Caine run our membership. On top of that, we have Mike Boyle over seeing Safeguarding within the club. We have had more parents than ever before stepping forward to help down at Carrington and Heywood on match days, so I would like to thank each of them for their efforts.

This year saw our 1st Coach the Coaches session to be run by the club, attended by over 30 coaches this was a fantastic evening where we looked at core skills and ways to improve our coaching delivery. Mike Jefferson led a session on Core Skills and our coaches have then since implemented what was discussed at the meeting, in their own age groups training sessions. We have ensured that communication between all coaches has improved and everyone is now better informed and has input into the running of the M&Js.

We continue to encourage coaches to attended coaching courses and have four attending the RFU level 1 course this summer and we are actively looking to run both a Scrum Factory and Rugby Ready courses at Carrington later this Summer.

  • Club Kit

We now have the club store online with the ability for members to order from a range of products.

We plan to replace the kit worn by each M&J age group for the 2017-18 season and to replicate the one worn by the 1st team. In doing so, we are actively looking to raise just over £5,000.00 in sponsorship for the M&Js to subsidise the cost. The plan is for all age groups within the M&Js to have identical kit and sponsorship logos.

This would be one logo on the front, one on the back and one on each arm of the strip. Sponsorship packages are being put together and we have actively started to talk to sponsors but I would encourage everyone to contact Mike Jefferson if you know of or are aware of potential sponsors who would be interested and would be happy to talk to the club.

The aforementioned sponsorships will subsidise the kit for the next two seasons.

Therefore, we will be looking for a one off payment of £40 for each child to cover the next two years. They will receive a Sale FC match shirt, shorts and socks along with a Contact Top. We believe this to be excellent value, as this kit will last two years. Arrangements for payment will be made through Dave Hulme in due course.


  • Club Tour (2017-18)

Touring as a club and age group is at the heart of club rugby. This year the U9s, 10s, 11s and 12s all had excellent tours in which the coaches all commented on how this brings the teams together. The U9s & U10s toured together and in doing so, we took 30 kids and 35 adults away for the weekend to the North East.

Next season we are looking to be very ambitious and take all the contact age groups away (U10s-U16s) on tour together, in essence a CLUB TOUR!

Provisional details are as follows:

  • Date: Sat 17th- Sun 18th March
  • Cost: £100.00 per person
    • Dependent on fundraising (last year it worked out at £90 per person)
    • All meals, Transport and accommodation included
  • Location: Cumbria
  • Brief Summary:
    • Breakfast at Heywood Sat Morning
    • Leave by coaches together to Cumbria
    • Game Saturday afternoon for each age group
    • Lodging with entertainment Sat night (BBQ/Hog Roast)
    • Sunday Game for all age groups (return Sunday afternoon)


This Tour will be run in line with the U9s and U10s tour last season. This means we will run this from within the club and will not utilise external agencies as this helps to keep the cost down and allows us to design a bespoke tour around what we want to do. We have already started organising this and have contacted teams to host us and located accommodation for all, more details to follow.

To facilitate the tour I will be setting up a tour committee consisting of one person from each of the age groups attending the tour. They will work directly with myself and Mark Roberts (Tour Managers) to make sure that each age group is communicated with and organised accordingly. Please can each age group confirm attendance on the tour ASAP so we can get things organised well in advance and make cost savings. Additionally, if your age group is going on the tour could they please nominate a person to join tour committee.

  • Membership Report

Tamsin took over the position of membership secretary in October 2016, having manned the membership desk during the first 4 weeks of the season. During this season, we have worked on cleansing the database to ensure that the data we hold about players and parents is correct and up to date. Previously we have found that we have mini and junior players on the RFU database from when they first join us through to adulthood. The system that we have in place has now improved. We hope to make further improvements in the 2017/18 season, issuing membership forms with the information that we hold for amendments to be made where necessary. This should help us to make the data we hold as accurate as possible. At present, we have 194 M&Js registered to play rugby for Sale FC. Some of these have lapsed, but Tamsin has worked to cleanse the database and by the time new memberships are due we will have an accurate account of all registrations.

  • Carrington Experience

This past season we have managed to get almost a full programme of games at training at Carrington, with minimal disruption and call offs. This has not been the case for many clubs in the North West and we are lucky to have access to such excellent facilities. However, it is clear that we need to look at ways of improving the Carrington experience in regards to the catering offered and the hosting other clubs. With that in mind, we are looking to start by picking four key dates throughout the coming season where we can do just that (small steps = marginal gains). This would include things such as a BBQ, staying back after games and supporting the oldest age group playing (rather than getting in cars and going home). More information on this will follow in due course. However, any volunteers that would like to be on a steering group to help to facilitate this are more than welcome to contact myself.

  • Social Media and Match Reports

Our social media has improved immensely over the last season with our M&Js Twitter and the Sale FC main Facebook pages. These mediums are increasingly being used to get the word out to highlight what the M&Js are doing on a weekly basis and thus boost our membership. Some age groups have their own Facebook pages as a way to communicate with their parents; these are not controlled by the club or used by the club to communicate information.

Since the turn of the year M&Js match reports are being posted on the club website, these are written by coaches and uploaded by James Hourihan. The system set up by James means that these reports are up only a day or two after the games, which is fantastic.

  • The Alex Hulme Foundation

Along with the club, the Minis and Juniors continue to proudly support the Alex Hulme Foundation. This season has seen the U14s play Eccles at Carrington and win the Alex Hulme Foundation Cup (Juniors), whilst the U10s defeated, Manchester, Widnes and TocH on their way to winning the Alex Hulme Foundation Shield.

Additionally, it was great for the club with a packed pitch side at Carrington to witness the U14s win the trophy. Meanwhile the U10s success was part of a fantastic day down at Heywood with the bar open, BBQ roaring, and lots of spectators. Both events brought age groups together to support each other and additionally helped highlight the Foundation to new people.

These events were fantastic occasions and helped the club donate over £500 to the Foundation which I know is greatly appreciated.

In addition, we also have Mini and Juniors coaches and parents from different age groups running soon in the Manchester 10K in support of the Foundation, which will boost that figure substantially. I would therefore like to wish these guys the best of luck in their efforts.

I am also aware that over thirty members attended the Foundation’s Annual Star Ball at the Worsley Park Marriot last July and many have already booked for this year’s event which is being held at Cottons Hotel in Knutsford on 8th July.

Dave, Nic and Matt are eternally grateful for the support the club and its members give to them personally and also to Alex’s legacy.

  • Schedule of events (2017-18)

The summer schedule of events has been planned to include summer rugby, coach the coaches’ sessions and allow age groups to keep the kids interested in rugby through the summer.

Regarding summer rugby, although it is the decision of each age group as to what they want to do, the dates listed below are when the club will ensure that both Carrington and Heywood are available to us.

Additionally, we are hosting a Lions Breakfast for each test game, we encourage people to buy tickets early and this will be number depended (£10 breakfast and a pint).

  • Summer Schedule – 2017
Date Location Event
Saturday 1st July 10am-4pm Heywood Road Club Day, Summer rugby, (memberships, kit orders etc.)
Thursday 6th July 6:00pm Carrington Summer Rugby
Thursday 13th July 6:00pm Carrington Summer Rugby
Thursday 20th July 6:00pm Carrington Summer Rugby
Thursday 27th July 6:00pm Heywood Road Summer Rugby BBQ & Bar (memberships, kit orders etc.)
Thursday 3rd Aug 6:00pm Carrington Summer Rugby
Thursday 10th Aug 6:00pm Carrington Summer Rugby
Thursday 17th Aug 6:00pm Carrington Summer Rugby
Thursday 24th Aug 6:00pm Carrington Summer Rugby
Thursday 31st Aug 6:00pm Heywood Road Summer Rugby BBQ & Bar (memberships, kit orders etc.)
Sunday 3rd Sept 10am-12pm Heywood Road Pre-season BBQ & Bar (memberships, kit orders etc.)


  • Pre-season

Pre-season starts on Sunday 3rd September at Heywood Road with a staggered session so everyone fits on the pitch. We will be having a BBQ using this time finalise kit orders and memberships etc. Following on from that, we will be back at Carrington Thursday and Sundays as per fixture list below.

  • Social Events

The following social events have been confirmed subject to ticket sales:

Date Location Event Cost
Friday 12th May 7:00pm Heywood Road 1st XV Player of the Year Awards (M&J Coaches invited to attend) £20 per ticket
Saturday 24th June 8:00am Heywood Road Lions vs All Blacks (Lions Breakfast) £10 per adult (1st kid free, £5 thereafter)
Saturday 1st July 8:00am Heywood Road Lions vs All Blacks (Lions Breakfast) (Club Day See above) £10 per adult (1st kid free, £5 thereafter)
Saturday 8th July Heywood Road Lions vs All Blacks (Lions Breakfast) £10 per adult (1st kid free, £5 thereafter)
Saturday TBC Dec Heywood Road Family Kids Christmas 1st Team day (awaiting 1st XV fixtures) M&J Members Free (Present and Pizza for kids)
Sunday 31st December Heywood Road Mini and Juniors New Year’s Eve family party £10 per adult kids Free