300 Club

Sale FC Rugby 300 Club

Join the Sale FC Rugby 300 Club for your chance to win cash prizes every month

and help build a better future for our club.

This Month’s 300 Club winners

4th November 2020

First Prize:

  • Suzie Roberts
  • Amount: £32.00

Second Prize:

  • M Blackwell
  • Amount: £24.00

Third Prize:

  • Scott Bambrick
  • Amount: £8.00

Last Month’s 300 Club winners

4th October 2020


First Prize:

  • DT and LJ Carlile
  • Amount: £34.00

Second Prize:

  • M. Blackwell
  • Amount: £25.50

Third Prize:

  • James Hourihan
  • Amount: £8.50

Our 300 club is a great way for you to support the club for just £10.00 per month with the chance to win cash prizes.

Joining is really simple: complete and sign a membership form and standing order mandate for £120.00 annually or pay by cheque.

This buys you one membership number (allocated by us) which enters you into the monthly cash prize draw for 12 months. All participants must be over 18 years old.

The draw for first, second and third prizes will take place on the 1st Friday of each month.

If you win, a cheque will be posted to your address and your name will be published on our website and our social media accounts (unless you tell us you wish to remain anonymous).


The prizes

The prize money will be 40% of the fees collected that month.

First prize: 20% of the month’s fees

Second prize: 15% of the month’s fees

Third prize: 5% of the month’s fees

So, if all 300 numbers are sold the prizes would be: first prize £600, second prize £450 and third prize £150.

The remaining 60% goes to Sale FC Rugby to help us to improve the quality of the facilities at the CorpAcq Stadium at Heywood Road for our members and our guests.


Join today and you could be our next winner

If you have any queries, please email the 300 Club Administrators at 300club@salefc.com


300 Club Launched to improve facilities at our famous home

Sale FC Rugby are pleased to launch a 300 Club as part of our on-going fundraising efforts to raise money and help continue to support the improvement of facilities of the CorpAcq Stadium at Heywood Road.

The club continue to try and think of new ways to raise money and this gives members a chance to support the club and win cash prizes at the same time.

We hope that many of our members will support this venture and thereby ensure its success. We look forward to welcoming you to the 300 Club and to you becoming one of our winners.

Here’s how it works

  1. Membership is achieved by subscribing to the 300 Club, costing the subscriber £10 per month. Subscription however needs to be paid in full annually either by cash, cheque or by Standing Order.
  2. The 300 Club can only operate with a membership of no fewer than 60 members. There is no limit to number of entries a member can purchase.
  3. For every £120 stake a 12 month subscriber number will be issued.
  4. A prize draw will be made on the first Friday of each calendar month. All current subscribers will be entered into each draw.
  5. Three prizes will be awarded each month.
  6. Each year, 40% of the subscription money received will be paid out as prizes during the year and 60% will go to a separate club fund to be used on the facilities at the club.
  7. Prize money is payable only to the person to whom the subscriber number has been issued.
  8. Prize- winning numbers will be posted each month on the Sale FC Rugby website and in the weekly club newsletter.

Email 300club@salefc.com to receive the sign up form and enter, or CLICK HERE to download a copy from the club website.

By mobilising the members of Sale FC Rugby we hope to be a force for a stronger, sustainable club as well as a focus for social and community activities.