Sale FC Rugby Statement

At the recent Sale FC vs Sale Jets game on Friday evening it has been alleged that a male “supporter” verbally abused the family of Tom Brady who was playing for Sale Jets vs Sale FC Rugby.  The Sale FC Executive and the rugby club as a whole would like to state categorically that this type of behaviour is unacceptable in any way shape or form at our club and is unacceptable in general.

We take pride in welcoming all people to our club and this type of behaviour disgusts us. We are a family rugby club with a thriving minis and juniors section who are proud of the work we do in our community. We will be conducting a full investigation of this incident and those responsible will be sanctioned.  We would also like this opportunity as a club to apologise to Tom Brady but more importantly we apologise to his wife and mother who were those subject to the abuse.

This is not rugby, this is not gentlemanly and this is not Sale FC Rugby.

On Behalf of the Executive Committee

James Hourihan

Sale FC Rugby President

Membership for New Members

We have put a link for new members to join Sale FC Rugby here. Please fill in this form and it will be dealt with as soon as possible. Some of the benefits of membership are listed here

Our membership Benefits include

  • Full voting rights (for adult members over 18 and the first adult member on the Family Membership)
  • 10% off purchases at the bar
  • Free entrance to all Sale FC home games at Heywood Road
  • Free entrance to all Sale Sharks U23 and Sale Jets games at Heywood Road
  • Free entrance to all Pre-Season games at Heywood Road
  • Invitation to Sale FC Annual Golf Day
  • Invitations to Sale FC Members Events
  • New – Exclusive Discounts from our Sponsorship Partners

the Following Additional Benefits are also included with M&j membership

  • Each Membership includes One Adult and All Children
  • Family Membership includes Two Adults and their children
  • All training and matchday fees for all registered children
  • Discounted training kit for children every 2 years
  • Free hotdog post-match for children playing in matches
  • Entrance fees to competitions such as Cheshire Cup
  • Qualified coaches at every age group
  • Children’s parties at Christmas
  • Invitations to special events for minis and juniors

Team Announcement for Sale FC vs Sale Jets

Tonight we take on Sale Jets 5:30 KO

After a big announcement that Johnny Leota will captain the Jets, Sale FC have also announced a very strong squad.

We have Felix Egan coming in on the bench from being Captain of last year’s Colts team, as well as Kieran Dunne another ex-Colts player.  On top of that there are five other new signings and Dave Seymour gets his first run out at Heywood Road in Sale FC strip.

  1. Simon Griffiths
  2. Neil Briggs (c)
  3. Joe Kelly
  4. Rhys Davies
  5. Gaz Rawlings
  6. Adam Aigbokhae
  7. Dave Seymour
  8. Tom Ailes
  9. Matt Bradley
  10. Chris Johnson
  11. Billy Wara
  12. Jack Moorhouse
  13. Kieran Dunne
  14. Chris Owen
  15. Mark Lawrence
  16. Witness Mandizha
  17. Andrew Edwards-Baiuley
  18. Stone Priestly-Nagle
  19. Sam Stelmaszek
  20. Matt Simpson
  21. Lewis Winterbottom
  22. Felix Egan

Memberships 2018-19

We are currently in the process of uploading our membership data onto our new system. If you are on our membership list, you will receive an email asking you to login and pay your subscription in the next few days. The email will come from a GMP email address. This isn’t spam, it is our new system provider.  The process of transferring almost 1000 names to this new system is laborious, but should be completed by early next week. Please be patient while we complete the process.  Once it is done, the new system will be much more streamline and flexible than in the past.

Johnny Leota Chats To Dave Seymour

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of the Sale Sharks legend and Samoan International centre, Johnny Leota. He has a penchant for the big hit and an even bigger smile.  A powerful runner who has now turned his hand to writing a rugby blog called Rugby Yarns. Although a pretty recent venture, the articles already give a hint of something bigger.  His latest Yarn includes an interview with Ex-Sale Sharks and now Sale FC player Dave Seymour about running his new business Couch Grind Coffee The Sale FC #onesalefc vision and life in general.  

The life of a professional player is short and even when successful and injury free, most cannot retire into Football style luxury lifestyles. This means they need something else, be it a Degree (something Johnny has just completed) or setting up your own business. If you’d like to read the interview then head here for a real insight into the life of a player post rugby.

You can read the rest of Johnny’s Rugby Yarns Blog here