300 Club

What’s the 300 Club?

Almost all sports clubs globally have some form of club fundraising people can take part in. This generally helps fund new developments, provide funding for facilities or enhancements to the club in general.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. You download the forms here, print and fill in, email the form to the club and then send the standing order to your bank. Or, after filling in the form, you organise the standing order through your online banking and that’s it! You’re now a member!

What are the benefits to me?

  1. Better club facilities
  2. Monthly prize draws with a potential monthly main prize of over £200
  3. An FREE annual pre-match meal for all 300 club members who’ve been in the 300 club for more than 3 months (5th March 2022 Sale FC vs Rams)

What are the benefits to the club?

This is the best part! Anything that benefits the club, benefits the members. Sometimes it’ll be unseen to many of the members, like improving changing room facilities for the women’s team or, painting the Suite @Sale FC or even helping purchase rugby balls for the minis and juniors. 60% of all the monthly revenue from the 300 club is ploughed back into the club for specific projects.

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You can find the 300 Club Rules Here