New Memberships

New Memberships Only

This form is only for NEW members to Sale FC Rugby or those who have allowed their membership to lapse over the last few years. This is not a renewal application form.

Once you have filled in this form, we will forward a link for payment and club membership. This is not automated so may take 24-36 hours.

You will receive two emails both from Smart Club Cloud who administer our system. Please check your junk mail.

NB For our system we require a Date of Birth for every person who is applying. So please include this information or it will slow the process down.

SOCIAL membership Benefits include

  • Full voting rights (for adult members over 18 and the first adult member on the Family Membership)
  • 10% off purchases at the bar
  • Free entrance to all Sale FC home games at Heywood Road
  • Free entrance to all Sale Sharks U23 and Sale Jets games at Heywood Road
  • Free entrance to all Pre-Season games at Heywood Road
  • Invitation to Sale FC Annual Golf Day
  • Invitations to Sale FC Members Events

Additional Benefits included with Minis &juniors membership

  • Each Membership includes One Adult and All Children
  • Family Membership includes Two Adults and their children
  • All training and matchday fees for all registered children
  • Post-match/training food for children
  • Entrance fees to competitions such as Cheshire Cup
  • Qualified coaches at every age group
  • Invitations to special events for minis and juniors

Membership Fees (2022-23)

  • Social Single Adult £150
  • Social Couple Membership £180
  • M&J One Parent/Carers and Children £150
  • M&J Two Parents/Carers and Children £180
  • Student/Armed Forces £100