Club Membership.

As you are probably aware it is that time of year again and memberships fee are due. As with every rugby club in the country memberships details need to be held on the RFU database known as GMS. For this reason, our preference is that members renew their membership through the site. There are two key reasons for this, it cuts out duplication of work and it enables the club to track who has paid. Instructions on how to do this are available on our website as is the link to GMS. We understand that some members prefer to pay cash and that some may struggle to use the website. If this is the case the club can provide assistance on the match days of the 7th and 14th August, alternatively you can email and arrange a time to come into the office. In order to renew membership, you will need to know your GMS username, if you don’t know what that is please email the membership address and they will provide it for you.

Logon to GMS

Instructions for filling in below on the PDF

Buying Membership Using GMS