A letter from a member



I would be pleased if you could take a few minutes to read what Sale FC means, and has done, for me. I am now 73 and am a very keen supporter.

Two years ago, my wife died very suddenly. She was very disabled and for her last 13 years, I gave her 24/7 attention. After her death there was a huge void in my life and much time for me to fill. I started to come to Heywood Road for the 2016/2017 season to see if I could get any pleasure from watching FC play. I certainly did get pleasure and became a club member for the 2017/2018 season. Apart from attending home games, this past season has seen me at five away games, culminating with being at Leicester last Saturday for our triumphant win and, subsequent, promotion. During these two seasons, I have made many new friends. I have been very lucky in the draw for England tickets this season and being at Twickenham for the Australia and Ireland games has been a dream come true. I will apply again for future tickets. The overall pleasure Sale FC has given me is tremendous.

The main point of this email is to tell you how much the club, and being a member, means to me. I am now a regular face at Heywood Road and feel very much ‘at home’ there. Dave, Scott and Brad have all been extremely welcoming and have created such a relaxed atmosphere that it is a joy and pleasure just to be in the clubhouse, never mind in the stand watching play. Consequently, Sale FC has provided so much for me at a much needed time in my life. Obviously, the performance of the players adds so much to the occasion and I have told several of the lads this.

Keep up the same effort for future seasons and the club will continue to be a major part of the rest of my life. Thank you to all involved for giving me so much.

With kindest regards


Raymond Floyd.