300 Club FAQ

Sale FC Rugby 300 Club

Frequently Answered Questions

Q: How does the 300 Club benefit Sale FC Rugby?

A: 60% of the subscription money will be made available to the club to improve facilities at Heywood Road and 40% is paid out in monthly prizes.

This means that if 100 members subscribe, £600 will go to the club and £400 will go out in prizes.

Thus, the more members there are, the bigger the prizes and the more money will go to the club.

Q: Who can join the Club?

A: Any member of Sale FC Rugby who is aged 18 and above can join the 300 Club and you can have as many numbers in each draw as you wish.

Q: When can I join the Club?

A: We are launching the 300 Club on December 7th December. Once the Club is launched new members in the future can join anytime

Q: How can I join the Club?

A:  By filling the form below and returning it with your cheque, cash or standing order mandate to: 300 Administrators, Sale FC Rugby, Heywood Road, Sale M33 3WB. Standing Orders should commence forthwith.