We’re Back!

This Saturday we play our first game in National One. We travel down to Cambridge to take on last season’s 10th place finishers.

We welcome back Matthew Postlethwaite from our 2016-17 campaign and welcome Dave SeymourStone Priestly-Nangle to the line up and we welcome Kieran Dunne back to Sale FC where he played as a Senior Colt.

  1. Dan Birchall
  2. Neil Briggs
  3. Simon Griffiths
  4. Rhys Davies
  5. Matthew Postlethwaite
  6. Adam Aigbokhae
  7. Dave Seymour
  8. Andrew Hughes ©
  9. Matt Bradley
  10. Chris Johnson
  11. Arron Reed
  12. Mark Lawrence
  13. Kieran Dunne
  14. Chris Owen
  15. Jonty Rawcliffe
  16. Jake Pope
  17. Christian Taylor
  18. Stone Priestley-Nangle
  19. Sam Moore
  20. Jack Moorhouse