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Rugby in 9 Questions

  1. How old were you when you first played rugby? 10 years old
  2. What was your first club? LLangefni RFC (Anglesey, North Wales)
  3. Favourite player of all time? Shane Williams
  4. Best player you’ve played with/against? Evan Stewart
  5. Player you wished you’d played with/against? I wish I’d played against Chris Johnson so I could wind him up from the other side of the fence
  6. Best rugby memory? Winning the county Championship at Twickenham
  7. Worst rugby memory? Losing the county championship at Twickenham
  8. Any advice to a child wanting to play rugby? Play every game like it’s your last…. you’ll soon be too old like me!
  9. Any advice to the parent of a child wanting to play rugby?
    Let them play, They’ll build discipline, strength, stamina, how to problem solve, how to deal with failure, the highs of winning and lows of losing, they’ll build friendships and resilience, everything they’ll ever need in life, but most importantly don’t over coach them, let them learn or you’ll take all of this away!

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