Cheshire Cup

It’s Cheshire Cup time and after winning it against Chester last year, we find ourselves competing against Wirral this Saturday away at Wirral (KO 3pm)

This semi-final comes after Wirral held out National 2 North team Caldy in a tense match which saw Wirral taking on an experienced side and winning. They have a match report here. Given their victory over Caldy, we cannot be complacent going into this game and the players will be looking to put their names forward for the first game of the season the following week.

Normally this game would take place during the season, but with such hectic schedules we are both playing this as a pre-season game.

Tom Brady Celebrates his try with Nic Gray(Credit Image: Gareth Lyons for Sale FC 2019)
31st August 2019
0 - 61
Full Time


Sale FC980061Win


Date Time League Season
31st August 2019 15:00 Cheshire Cup 2019-2020


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Thornton Common Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH63 0LT, UK