Weekly Zoom Bingo, The New Normal

Every week one of our club volunteers organises a zoom bingo game for the M&J’s groups. Each week one or two of our players joins in and does a question and answer session before we start. Although this activity is now the new normal for a lot of sports clubs, the one thing that strikes us is how superb our players are at joining in and involving themselves in the club.

We’d like to thank them all for doing this. We’d like also to thank Joanne Bambrick who organises it all and makes sure everyone is online, has cards etc. All the money raised (£1 per card) goes to the age groups that the person is from. This weekly social was born from necessity, but has become a really enjoyable midweek event.

This week for instance, we heard from Jake Barron that as a Flanker/Second Row, he’d rather push against prop Matt Talaese than Dan Matthews because Matt has a softer bum.  We also heard from Ollie Longmore that he became a hooker because he disliked the hooker at school and wanted to replace him in the team. That’s not the thing you’d hear from a run of the mill interview and why we love these sessions so much. #onesalefc