Club Announcement on Crossford Bridge

There are some minor corrections to the original post (in italics).

It has come to our attention that Trafford Councillor Chris Boyes has been quoted in the local press regarding his opposition to the Sale Sharks Development of Crossford Bridge. Mr Boyes was described by the paper as a “senior member” of Sale FC Rugby club which is incorrect. Mr Boyes does not speak for Sale FC Rugby club, is not a current member of any committee or the Club Executive Body. He is one of over 200 Vice Presidents of the club who are awarded this honorary title for services to the club. Mr Boyes was awarded this honorary title as part of our now defunct squash section and was never a Sale FC rugby player but represented Squash on the executive committee over 30 years ago. We are very disappointed that an elected councillor is falsely representing himself in a Trafford Council committee meeting that intimated he was currently involved in the running of the club. 

Our connection to Sale Sharks is complex but mutually beneficial. We are a separate club entirely, however, we have many joint threads going back decades. Steve Diamond, was a player at Sale FC, Simon Orange was also a player at Sale FC(as part of the amateur set up).

We have provided a player pathway for future England stars to develop including the Tom and Ben Curry. The long list of current Sale Sharks players and ex-Sale Sharks players who have graced the ground of Heywood Road are too numerous to mention. We continue to provide a pathway for their academy players into professional rugby via playing in National One. We have also provided a pathway for Sale Sharks stars to transition from professional rugby to a life outside of full time rugby. Including Samoan International Johnny Leota, Tom Brady, Chris Mayor and Dave Seymour.

Sale Sharks in turn have supported us over the years with coaching, physio support, community work and helping us to develop a Women’s team Sale 1861. This symbiotic relationship has helped and enabled both clubs to grow in a traditionally strong football heartland.

The recent announcement by Sale Sharks to bring premiership rugby back to Sale is something we whole heartedly support. Their vision of having a community facility that provides a range of sports is something they’ve been working towards for a long time and hopefully will be able to build in the near future. They have a thriving community team who work with young people both able bodied and disabled. They support local Minis and Junior sections all over the North West of England but also in the immediate vicinity.

The Honorary Secretary of Sale FC Rugby club will be writing a letter to Mr Boyes to gain more information from him as to why he felt he could suggest he is a Senior figure at Sale FC Rugby club.

James Hourihan

President Sale FC Rugby Club