Sale FC AGM Announcement

Dear Members
On behalf of Sale FC Exec, I hope this message finds you well.
Ref: Sale FC AGM Announcement
As you will be aware, it is at this time of the year that we usually start to plan our AGM. Unfortunately, due to the nationwide lockdown we couldn’t hold an AGM at the end of last season, which was understandably cut short due to Covid.
As an Exec, our priority and efforts since that time have been to ensure that the club could get through what was a very difficult period. We believe that we have managed to do this and look forward to updating you all on the status of the club.
We had hoped that by now we would be able to plan and set a date for an AGM, where we could invite along members and update them directly. Unfortunately, similar to other clubs operating in the current Covid environment, we have no guarantee when that will be able to take place and ensure that it would be safe for all members to attend.
Therefore, given the continued Covid environment and the added pressure of planning for the post-covid operations of the club, the Exec have voted to hold a closed AGM on 26th May. The Exec will follow the guidelines with regards to business conducted as laid out in section 20 of the Club rules, as would be the case in an open AGM and we will report accordingly.
As per an open AGM and to ensure that our members can have input to the process, we will publish the following on the web-page prior to the closed AGM taking place;
  1. Report from Club Chairman.
  2. Report from M&Js Chair.
  3. Report from Chairman of Rugby.
  4. A financial report and statements of report from the Treasurer.
  5. An invitation from members for such other business to be discussed.
  6. Invite for questions from the members to the Exec.
Points 5 and 6 will allow members the opportunity to put forth business and questions to the Exec for the AGM, that will be answered and responded to via the webpage and newsletter.
Regarding the Exec, we can confirm that after 15 years as club Chairman and over 48 years since he made his debut for the club, Mr Steve Smith will be stepping down as Club Chairman. No one can understate how much time, support, and leadership Steve has given to the Club, on behalf of the Exec we would like to thank Steve for all that he has done for Sale FC. We will look to mark Steve’s time at the club, once safe to do so. Steve has kindly agreed to be a co-opted member of the Exec going forward, to be called upon for his valuable input as and when required.
To facilitate Mr Steve Smith’s departure from his role, existing Exec members Dr Scott Bambrick (currently Hon Club Secretary) will step into the role as interim Club Chairman and Mr Mark Roberts (Currently M&J Chair), will take over as interim Hon Club Secretary for the coming season. The Exec are also pleased to confirm that Mrs Elizabeth Dockry has agreed to be co-opted onto the Exec and take over the role of interim Chair of M&Js for the coming season. Mr James Hourihan has kindly agreed to continue in his role as club President for an additional season.
These actions will allow the Exec to plan and continue to make decisions on behalf of the club and its members as we come out of the current operating environment and into the new season.
Sale FC Exec
Note: Key Dates
15th May: Documents and reports published on the Website
16th May: Questions invited from members (via email – details to follow)
25th May: Questions for Exec at AGM closed
26th May: AGM
10th June: AGM report and responses to questions raised published