Johnny Leota Chats To Dave Seymour

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of the Sale Sharks legend and Samoan International centre, Johnny Leota. He has a penchant for the big hit and an even bigger smile.  A powerful runner who has now turned his hand to writing a rugby blog called Rugby Yarns. Although a pretty recent venture, the articles already give a hint of something bigger.  His latest Yarn includes an interview with Ex-Sale Sharks and now Sale FC player Dave Seymour about running his new business Couch Grind Coffee The Sale FC #onesalefc vision and life in general.  

The life of a professional player is short and even when successful and injury free, most cannot retire into Football style luxury lifestyles. This means they need something else, be it a Degree (something Johnny has just completed) or setting up your own business. If you’d like to read the interview then head here for a real insight into the life of a player post rugby.

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