Wanted: Social Rugby Players

Social Rugby on Monday Nights is the place to be for combined social and rugby exercise.

Come and join Tricky on Motivated Mondays for Social Rugby here at the CorpAcq Stadium.

Every Monday Night here at the CorpAcq Stadium we have great ways of staying fit, in a fun and interactive way from 6.30pm.

Each week down here at the club, there are both men and women taking part in social rugby which is designed to raise your heart rate, as well as providing sufficient exercise in the fresh air, instead of visiting an indoor gym.

The sessions which are becoming more popular each week, are run by junior coaches Paul Gibbon and Andy Raw, who themselves alongside with their children, have found the sessions to be useful for maintaining his fitness and increasing his overall energy levels at the same time.

Social Rugby is open to people of all ages and importantly it is completely FREE to join in, furthermore you don’t have to be a member of the club to come along and play.

On Monday Evenings we also have our Walking Rugby sessions too, that run from 6.30pm and like Social Rugby are open to both men and women non-players, former players or even older players who prefer the more gentle approach to the game.

Interested? Then why not contact the club’s Marketing Team by email Marketing@salefc.com or calling 0161 905 2006