Sale turn on second half display

In a a largely unforgettable first half which saw an injury to Full Back Ciaran Connolly who was replaced by Adam Greendale, who was also injured in the second half, this could have been a disastrous day for Sale FC.  Trailing 17-7 at half time, they were definitely in trouble.  Sheffield marshalled them well, were fired up and took their chances.

The second half however, demonstrated the strength in depth of our squad this season.  With John Blanchard jr called into the squad that morning as a late replacement for Gaz Rawlings, he came off the bench and proved that the step up from being a junior to senior player hasn’t daunted him and we’ve definitely got a player to keep an eye on.  What is even more pleasurable from a club point of view, is this is our first ever player who has come from the minis and juniors where he started playing as a 10 year old!  The full match report is here