Sale FC vs Sedgley Tigers

The highlights of the game are here.  My recollections of the game were that of an error strewn slug fest, but the reality is, the five tries scored were all quality tries.  Tigers especially scored three top level tries and although Sale FC actually crossed the line 5 times, we managed to only score on two occasions.  This is a real case of what should have been, but should have and could have don’t win games.

Some strange decisions were made in terms of penalties, but, this is what happens when you’re in the face of it.  The one thing that comes out poorly in these highlights is how wet the pitch was.  There was standing water in a number of places and you can see players struggling to maintain their footing on more than one occasion,  Finally apologies for the delay in this video, we aim to edit and get them out by Tuesday night, but, we are reliant on receiving the video which only arrived today.