RIP Neil Thallon

In memory of NEIL THALLON

All at the club would like to express our sincere condolences to the family, his son Andrew, friends and all who knew neil following his recent sad passing.

A true member who worked for the club seeking no rewards. Another of many passing guardians who have ensured the Club survived and prospered since its founding in 1861. A staunch supporter of the club who gave his time willingly as did his father before him who was President 1977 / 1979

Over the years Neil held the position of president (04-08), secretary (00-04), chairman of THE 200 CLUB FROM 1984, He was on the house committee, was Chair of past players association (99-13) supporters travel organiser (90-00), kept playing details of all 1st team players from 2001 as well as playing full back for the 2nd team (& indeed a few matches for the 1st)

Neil will be remembered fondly.

Richard Trickey