Phil Lamb RIP

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Phil Lamb.

Whilst leaving Sale FC last night, Phil fell over and sadly passed away later in hospital. As a club and as part the wider rugby family, we are all left devastated by this news. We have been in contact with his son Chris and sent our thoughts and prayers to his wife Jan and the rest of the family. We are ready to support Jan, Chris and their family in any way we can.

Phil was held in such high regard from all who knew him, not only at his own club Ashton on Mersey, where he leaves legacy that has seen him touch so many lives, but also his friends in the wider rugby community. The mark of the man was highlighted at our game yesterday, as explained by his son Chris who said, from the moment he arrived at the back gate, it took him 25 minutes to do the short walk to the club house. This was because he stopped every few metres, to take the time to talk to friends and people he knew who where at the game.

He will be sorely missed.