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The 6 Nations?


Q: What do these six have in common? Canada, Jordan, USA, India, Georgia and Poland?

A: This weekend Sale FC 1861 Player Coach India Perris-Redding joins the USA squad for the second leg of the Pacific Series in Canada and back row Jordan Tebbatt starts at 7 for Poland against Georgia in a friendly taking place in Lodz, Poland. This is a massive achievement for both players and a testament to the growing quality of Sale FC!

Well done to both of them for seeing the rewards from an outstanding season! #onesalefc

Sale FC 1861

Sale FC 1861 Interview

We caught up with one of the Sale FC 1861 coaches Alex Wood tonight at Carrington to discuss the first defeat in two seasons, this Sunday’s fixture against Birkenhead Park Ladies and the inspirational Aoife McKenna. Alex says the girls are ready to bounce back and if you’re around Carrington on Sunday, then pop down and watch. The bar will be open!