AGM Announcement for 26th May 2021

Dear Members,
Following our announcement on the 5th April 2021 regarding the AGM, as discussed please find the following reports for you to read over prior to the closed AGM, taking place on the 26th May.
  1. Report from Club Chairman.
  2. Report from M&Js Chair.
  3. Report from Chairman of Rugby.
  4. A financial report from the Treasurer

(all reports can be found here)

As per our previous announcement, we welcome questions and such business from the membership to be addressed at the AGM. Our Club President Mr James Hourihan will raise these on your behalf at the AGM. Please note that all questions, such business and responses from the Exec will be published, by the 10th June.
If you have questions and/or such business you wish to be raised please email them to by the 25th May, with AGM Question in the subject box and ensure you put your name against the question/business (please note no question and/or business will be raised without a name).
As a reminder of key dates from previous announcement
15th May: Documents and reports published on the Website

16th May: Questions invited from members (via email – details to follow)

25th May: Questions for Exec at AGM closed

26th May: AGM

10th June: AGM report and responses to questions and/or business raised published.

Sale FC Executive