Originally known as Mamucium, The Roman Fort in Castlefield completed in AD79 was the original foundation of our great city. The building that stands today has been reconstructed, the original fort foundation can be seen thanks to excavation work in the early 1900’s

Our range depicts a representation of the fort and its coordinates that stands in Castlefield today as well as a celebration of the year AD79 in text and roman numerals.


The Worker Bee is the symbol of Manchester. It was adopted during the Industrial Revolution and symbolises the leading role Mancunians took in the mass production era and Manchester being the Hive of creativity during the 19th century. The Bee can be seen in the City’s Coat of Arms and on buildings and posts all over Manchester.

Our Bee has the double wing as depicted in the Coat of Arms and our designer added the three diagonal strips from the same, the stripes represent the three main rivers of Manchester, Irwell, Irk and Medlock.


Short for Mancunian (noun) a native or inhabitant of Manchester.  The word derives from the original Mancunium (Mamucium) the latin name for Manchester.

But it means so much more than that. Its not about race, religion, red or blue its about PRIDE being from one of the most respected City’s in the world, a leader not a follower in Culture, Music, Sport, Technology, Industry, Media, the first and greatest industrial city in the world..The northern powerhouse…. and its people…us…different class! People the world over would love to BeeManc!

Our range depicts elements of what it means to BeeManc, Sound! Mint! Av-it!