Pre-Season and Cheshire Cup

Before the main season kicks off, the Sale FC and Sale FC 2’s have some pre-season games.

The evening games at Heywood road will KO as follows

  • Cheshire Cup Sale FC vs Chester 7:45
  • Sale FC vs Jed-Forest 7:45
  • Sale FC 2  vs Littleborough 7:30
  • Sale FC 2 vs Stoke on Trent 7:30
Sale FC vs Chester
Sale FC Rugby
Sale FC Colts vs Caldy ColtsHalbro NW Colts Junior A League
Heywood Rd
Preston Grasshoppers 2 v Sale FC 22nd XV Premier Division
Sale FC vs Leicester LionsNational 2 North
Sale FC Rugby
Sale FC 2 v Firwood Waterloo 22nd XV Premier Division